Clean up the XML documentation in the NetflixConnection class


It's hard to understand how the methods are supposed to be used in the NetflixConnection class - when I'm browsing through them in the Visual Studio Object Browser, I find they're a bit cryptic because all the XML documentation hasn't been implemented yet.
e.g. many of the methods have no documented signature for their Parameters, so I can only guess (at first glance anyway) where to find valid values & datatypes for each of these parameters.
e.g. it would be helpful to have some explicit explanation in the XML documentation of when we the developers are expected to use related methods (i.e. when to use the method with the IAccessToken parameter and when to use the same method without the IAccessToken parameter).
e.g. at the class level, it would be helpful to sketch out the expected/most common approach to use the methods in this class - would you normally call GenerateAccessToken(), then GenerateRequestToken(), then Request*() - or some other expected order of operations?
Thanks! [BTW, my previous offer still stands - if you'd like, I could submit revised versions of the corresponding Class file as a "Patch",or I could join the project and check in updated versions of these files [with only changes to the XML documentation for the forseeable future]. Lemme know if you can forsee some way I could help out here.